Tripartite Escrow account is cancel able at any time. After an account is established, you can request a Tripartite escrow agreement, the fees are as follows:

Tripartite Escrow Agreement Fee:

1. Escrow fee rate is 1 1/2% of the contract amount.

Payment terms:

1. When Government pays escrow account for the first time.

Other fees:

1. Setting up Tripartite Escrow account is FREE.

2. Cashier’s checks are FREE for each Payment Authorization Form.

3. Redrafting services for each addition to an escrow agreement is FREE.

4. Mail escrow agreement FREE to you and government via USPS, Priority Mail.

5. Mail cashier’s checks FREE to you and supplier/subcontractor via USPS, Priority Mail.

6. Wire transfers are $90.00 for each Payment Authorization Form.